- - - sensory dynamics - - - a sensory installation on the occasion of the scientific conference DYNAMICS DAYS EUROPE 2009 from Aug 31 - Sept 4, 2009 in Göttingen

Rainer Dunkel [RD]: sensory-dynamics object and electro-acoustic installation for nonlinear tone patterns.
Marc Timme [MT] (Max Planck Institute for Dynamics & Self-Organization, Göttingen) and Poramate Manoonpong [PM] (University of Göttingen and Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Göttingen): chaos control of sensory signals for the coordination of an adaptively controlled network.

The installation reacts to sensory impulses triggered by visitors moving in between multilayered sensitive weaves and reflects certain triggers in an electro-acoustical installation as dynamically variable tone patterns. The sensory triggers are selected by *adaptive chaos control from an intrinsically chaotic network by MT & PM and become interpreted as six-channel tone sequenzes by RD: "Regarding the acoustic reflections, I am interested in the sensory impulses similar to those affecting our senses and those multilayered patterns interpreted by a neurocellular organism as impressions. Therefore I picked as a central theme of my electronic tone materials neuro-cellular aspects such as frequencies, codes and patterns. By overlaping six autonomous tone channels harmonies, discords, complexity, monochromaticallies, chaos and synchronization emerge, which can change in variable dynamics caused by temporal consequences and the choice of the sensory-induced impulse patterns” [RD]

*adaptive chaos control from an intrinsically chaotic network: "Silke Steingrube, Marc Timme, Florentin Wörgötter and Poramate Manoonpong; Self-organized adaptation of a simple neural circuit enables complex robot behaviour. Nature Physics, January 17th, 2010 (DOI: 10.1038/NPHYS1508)"

© 2009 all sound by Rainer Dunkel
CD- graphics and production by: atelier rainerdunkel - UMSTID: 54831970676
photographs at “DYNAMICS DAYS EUROPE 2009” by Katja Fiedler and Rainer Dunkel
computer electronics assistant at the installation: Birk Urmersbach.

- - - sensory dynamics - - -

eine sensorielle Installation von Rainer Dunkel anlässlich der Wissenschaftskonferenz
DYNAMICS DAYS EUROPE 2009 vom Aug, 31 - Sept 4, 2009 in Göttingen

Die Dynamik Days Europe ist eine bedeutende, internationale Konferenz mit der langjährigen Tradition, das gesamte Feld von Dynamik und der Nichtlinearität gezielt zu behandeln. Das XXIXth Ereignis in dieser Tradition findet in Göttingen statt.

"sensory dynamics" ist eine interdisziplinäre Installation zwischen sensorieller Kunst und
Wissenschaft für nichtlineare Dynamik und Selbstorganisation

Rainer Dunkel:
sensorisch-dynamisches Objekt und elektroakustische Installation für nichtlineare Tonmuster
© 2009 Konzept und elektroakustische Realisierung by Rainer Dunkel

Dr. Marc Timme (Max-Planck-Institut für Dynamik und Selbstorganisation Göttingen):
Chaoskontrolle für sensorische Eingangssignale zur Koordinierung eines adaptiven,
selbstkontrollierten Netzwerkes

Dr. Poramate Manoonpong (Bernstein Focus Neurotechnology (BFNT):
selbstorganisierende Kontrollerelektronik
© 2009 Poramate Manoonpong and Marc Timme, Göttingen
supported by Silke Steingrube, Florentin Wörgötter, and Birk Urmersbach, Göttingen

Georg Morawitz: elektroakustisches ADSR- Steuersystem

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